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Learning Agility Programs

I might not be able to teach people everything, but I am passionate to teach them about how they canlearning-how-to-learn learn anything by themselves. We focus a lot in our educational system and our organisations to teach people new things that should bring them to the next level, but we seldom focus on teaching them how to learn. I gathered knowledge and insights in my work to do just that:

  • Developing different learning programs I came to some conclusions on what works and what doesn’t work well in reaching good results in organisational learning.
  • In my collaboration with The Alternative University for their autonomy in learning program I get to explore even further the way people approach learning.
  • Working for a while with experts in neuroscience (@ Synergon Consulting) I started to understand how our brain processes learning and how we can make the most out of its power.

Book a meeting and let’s prepare your team for all the learning experiences you designed for them.



To spread the #loveoflearning / Moderate HR or Learning related events

I enjoy talking about: learning, development, HR and related subjects.

I gave speeches/moderated or just added some spice at conferences such as: Forbes Successful Me, Forbes Summer School, TEDxBucharest, RestartEdu, ITOL’s Innovation at the Workplace Conference etc.

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