Improv impact – captured through visual feedback


When we work with corporate we usually have a specific learning objective that we address. Although the improv exercises we use have a broader impact all the participants are there roughly for the same reason and with the same things in mind so everybody in the room focuses on more or less the same takeaways.

But when we’re doing the open workshops, those for “personal development” in general, every person takes whatever they need from the experience. The AHAs vary depending on a lot more factors: the expectations they came with, their profession, their age, social status, current abilities, preoccupations, development needs.

Because I find this variety so interesting I wanted to capture those AHAs – not in a feedback form, but in a more condensed, filtered, improv style way. To see how much they differ and where do they intersect. Thus…the “visual feedback” is born!

And for the non-Romanian speakers, you can guess what’s written on the papers using hints from the body language. The participants completed three sentences:

  • what I learned from improvisation is…
  • improvisation helped me to…
  • thanks to improvisation…

Some of the key words on the papers: creativity, smile, laugh, play, listening, accepting, relaxation, presence, smartness etc. – Visual feedback from improvisation workshops from Corina Anghel
And this is just the first batch! :)
What do you think it would be written on your paper?

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