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There are so many courses on entrepreneurship, so many theories about it, so many “how to” lists. Every entrepreneur has his own inspiring story that can be translated into a form of “this is how it’s done”.

But no two stories are the same. I never heard a story of an entrepreneur who followed some given steps and reached the same results. Because it’s never the same team. Or if it is it’s not the same industry, or the same product, or the same market conditions… You can’t replicate “how to” steps when it comes to business. Sure there are some basics and some commonalities but these are just giving you a framework to add content to. And the content makes the difference.

That’s why I think entrepreneurship is a lot like improvisation. In improvisation you learn some common sense notions, you have a framework, but the content is on you.

And although I believe that the “how to” or “how did I” stories can be inspiring and can give you some insights and some answers, I believe even more in that you need to focus on preparing your team for the unknown. I strongly believe that you have to built up a great team that can be able to write its own history, that it’s able to find its own solutions not just to learn the already given ones – that might not even apply.

So here it is: a hand to help all startups out there with just that! I am proudly to announce our improvisation product dedicated to startups that want to have a great start: IMPROV StartUPPER!

Spread the word! :)

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