Cheers to the communities!


Bucharest might not be the prettiest city, but it sure is vivid.

We have the nightlife for which my foreign friends envy me (that and the cost of beer) and we started bit by bit to have more and more events, street festivals, flash mobs…movements that color the grey city.

And as applied improvisation becomes more popular, I get to improvise and work with more and more people in all sorts of contexts, contributing to this liveliness.

By the passion of some people the city is taking the next step, it’s going to the next level: more and more communities emerge – of educators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, changemakers…gathered in all sorts of places spread all over. Last night Connect Hub was launched, a super pretty co-working environment.

We were invited to improvise with them in this occasion and I decided to use improvisation to help them illustrate what Connect Hub is – a place with great energy were a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors:


(shake hands with as many people as possible; make sure you never have an empty hand)


Find inspiration and share ideas

(randomly walking until group 1 is given a concept so they freeze in a statue representing that. Group 2 visits the statues museum thus formed taking ideas and inspiration. then group 1 visits group 2’s museum)


Support each other

(each member of a 5 people group received a number from 1-5. called numbers had to faint and let the other group members catch them)


Connect and work together

(we had three characteristics of an entrepreneur represented by a movement and a sound. back to back, they had to pick one of them and at a given cue to turn face to face and show which one they chose. focus was to use the intuition to try to choose the same element as their partner)


Celebrate successes!

(greet the people around you with a serious face, then with a smiling face, then with a smile and a compliment and in the end pretend the person you’re greeting helped you earn $1mil)


As you can see from the photos, it went great!

And to make it great I used inspiration from another amazing community: Applied Improvisation Network! Cheers to you, guys!

And cheers to the sharing economy we’re growing together. Us, a generation of spirited people!

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