How to learn easier: the Feynam Technique


Today I started to write an article about a book I just finished, but somehow I ended up discovering a learning technique. I finished “formal” school, but I didn’t stop learning, although I can understand why studying for exams can be “no fun” (to say the least).

I know it works because, somehow, it’s the technique that I naturally use to handle all the reading and actually remembering what I read – writing about it being one of the important steps of it.

Because exams are coming maybe you’ll use it or find someone who needs it! :)

Of course, you can use it anytime, not just if you have to take an exam. It works for students and adults as much!

When reading, it works if you use it throughout the book anytime you encounter a new concept you want to remember/learn.

If not in the mood to watch the video, here it is in 4+1 steps:

Step 1. Choose the concept you want to understand.
Take a blank piece of paper and write that concept at the top of the page.

Step 2. Pretend you’re teaching the idea to someone else.
Write out an explanation of the topic, as if you were trying to teach it to a new student. When you explain the idea this way you get a better idea of what you understand and where you might have some gaps. // I do this by writing on the blog about it.

Step 3. If you get stuck, go back to the book.
Whenever you get stuck, go back to the source material and re-learn that part of the material until you get it enough that you can explain it on paper.

Step 4. Simplify your language.
The goal is to use your words, not the words of the source material. If your explanation is wordy or confusing, that’s an indication that you might not understand the idea as well as you thought – try to simplify the language or create an analogy to better understand it.

Step 5. (my own) Make it part of what you do.
Find examples of a time when you applied that in your life or you could apply it. Pass the concept through something you already know, do or could do. The more practical, the better.

Seen on Scott H Young’s blog! :)

3 responses to “How to learn easier: the Feynam Technique”

  1. Vlad Avatar

    There’s no such thing as “more easy”. It’s “easier”.

    1. Corina Avatar

      You’re right, usually it’s considered wrong. Thank you for your feedback.
      Now, besides that, can you add some value to the topic? (I’m sure you were not just being a “smart ass” :) ).

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