Facts about stories and…a story!


We learn more from stories than from raw theories and data because it’s much more easier to remember them. There are a lot of connections in a story and there are a lot of hooks that intersect our neural pathways helping the information to get stuck there.


  • Stories avoid confusion by expressing things in simple terms, using analogies and metaphors. 
  • Stories create curiosity so they help you remain focused on “receiving the information”.
  • Stories bypass skepticism because they are not intrusive, they don’t force any information or call to action, they just seem to tell some facts in an interesting matter.
  • Stories allow you to make a personal connection. Life is a collection of personal stories and it’s easy to find similarities with something that happened to you or around you.
  • Stories are emotionally evocative and that makes them memorable and likely to change us.


Recently, I was talking to a potential client about how we could use a story to teach a big group of people something new and I remembered about an online course I attended about how to use personal stories in your presentations to make them more powerful. And with this occasion I want to share with you my “final homework” for the course and an improv lesson. :)

It’s recorded on the run and it might be a bit forced because I worked on the given format and tried to integrate as many elements as I could from the course, but I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll take something from it anyway! Please let me know if you did…

[Watch on YOUTUBE] / because technology doesn’t let me to embed it. :) Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 21.17.59


And, on 21st of October I’ll be telling some stories at Forbes – Successful Me Conferences, a series of 4 conferences about intrapreneurship that wants to inspire professionals to be proactive and to work to achieve excellence in business (this time in the corporate world). I’m honoured to be one out of 15 inspiring speakers so if you are in Bucharest, these events are a place to be! Reserve your seat!home-inscrie-te

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