Evaluating creativity


A girl wrote me to enrol in our improv workshop, but made sure I know that she’s not a creative person. I can’t help by wonder how do people know if they’re creative or not. It’s unlikely they participated in any competition regarding creativity or taken a (good) test about it.

I see two ways to evaluate your performance:

  1. evaluating your evolution: comparing your performance with past performance
  2. evaluating your results compared to others in the same field: comparing your performance with all the other performances “available”

And in being creative people think about an original outcome. But original compared to what?

If it’s something more creative, and original in comparison with everything else you created before you’re on the right track. And if this is how you look at things, then you’re on the right mindset.


If you expect to create something that was never done before in the entire world, eventually only after a couple of exercises, then you’ll probably be disappointed. And you will wrongly start thinking you’re not creative.

To have success with creativity endeavours, consistency and quantity do matter!

So stop saying you’re not creative and practice, practice, practice! When did you redecorated your room last time?

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