“It doesn’t feel natural to me!”


Learning is a natural process because this is how our brain works: he acquires information based on everything we do and changes himself (literally).

Personal development doesn’t feel like a natural process because it requires both unlearning and learning. Most of the times it requires us to change the connections our brain already formed, to find a new way to do things.

Recently, in one of my improv workshops, a participant said that she thinks it’s important to do the things that feel natural to you. I would rephrase that into “you have to make things become natural to you”. The natural things are always the ones you are used to. If you only do those, how can you grow?

Marcia Reynolds starts her book, “The Discomfort Zone”, by saying: “The discomfort zone is the moment of uncertainty when people are most open to learn”.

So if it feels weird, awkward or difficult, keep practicing…that’s how growing feels like!

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