Responsibility in learning programs


Who would you say is responsible for learning in an organisation?

  1. the HR department that has to assess the needs and builds development programs
  2. the trainer who delivers the program and should make sure he does it well and follows-up thoroughly
  3. the manager who must offer support and create the right environment
  4. the company in general that must sustain a learning culture and that must offer opportunities to grow
  5. the participant

Probably all of the above.

Who can influence the most the outcomes of a learning experience?

I’ll vote with 5. the participant. Because no matter the training, the manager, the organisation if you don’t really want something you’ll find an excuse. If you really want it you’ll find a solution. And none of the above can have an impact without the participant – you cannot force “learning” into someone, you can only force “teaching” – and there’s an important difference there.


What are we (the learning industry in general) focusing the most on improving and whom are we attributing more responsibility to?

The programs. Maybe this way we’ll engage the participants and we’ll determine them to want to learn, right?

But what if we would implement a program that teaches participants responsibility in learning. What if we would attribute learning programs KPIs not only to those who deliver the programs but also to those who receive them? How would that impact results?

I think it’s time we do that and that there is a way to do it. ;)

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