When do you make time to learn?


Yes, we live in a world in which time seems to never be enough. You work a lot, everything is urgent and important and when you finally have some free time you want to use it for yourself. I get it.

But here’s the catch: investing in learning actually saves you time.

save-time-piggy-bankIf you put that “learning time” in your calendar and stick to it you will realize that on e medium&long term it saves you time because learning helps you be better at your work, be more effective and efficient.

You want to change your job/position? You can only prepare for the next one through learning. So the longer you delay investing time in learning, the longer you’ll be stuck in the same place.

It’s a paradox: you need to invest time to earn time. And learning it’s always a good investment.

Are you ready to waste even more time? If not, block that learning hour in your calendar!

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